We believe that some of the best educational experiences take place outside of the classroom and hands on experiences can make classroom learning more relevant and real. Day long field trips begin in kindergarden and continue through high school and are selected to reflect the in classroom curriculm. From museums to working farms to other religious instituitions, students are provided with reall ife experiences.


We also have several overnight experiences designed to enhance our students learning experiences. 


4th grade history is focused on the history of California. In the spring our students journey to Sacramento for three days of living history, panning for gold, touring a 19th century fort, learning about 19th century American art and visiting our state capital. The trip allows the history books to come alive for our students and deepens their understanding of the place they call home. 


For a week, 6th grade students take their studies outside, shooting bows and arrows, making temporary woodland shelters, finding our way with compasses, zip-lining through forests, climbing trees and mountains, and so much more. 


Daily quiet time devotions gave us precious time to reflect, appreciate, and trust God’s leading in our lives. Nightly chapels stirred our hearts and minds as sweet, tender voices sang praises of love and appreciation to our Almighty God who blesses us through His creation.  After which, some crazy late night activities – night hikes, folk dancing, constellation gazing and just plain cabin silliness – left us with tired bodies but provided us with a lifetime of priceless memories.


All in all, our students immerse themselves in the wonders of the San Bernardino mountains and through exploration, discovery, and team-building challenges, strengthened their relationships with each other and deepened their understanding and commitment to our Creator, God. 


The American Heritage Tour is an annual trip where all 8th grade students travel to the east coast to learn about American history.  This trip is a vital and fundamental component to the rigorous curriculum for 8th graders at Eastside Junior High. Students will visit Boston, New York City, West Point, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Gettysburg, Hershey, Washington, D.C., and more! Some of the highlights include the Hershey Factory, a period-costumed dinner party in a historic locale, Smithsonian Museums, Capitol tour, church services at historic sites, guided city and college tours, a Broadway show and more. Parents are welcome to come along on this trip as chaperones.


Each year, the 5th grade class begins their outdoor ed week reliving history aboard the Pilgrim, a 17th century working cargo ship. The students travel back in time to revolutionary war days for two days experiencing what life in the 1700's would have been like. They then spend a science day doing hands on experiments. The week concludes with visits to the natural history museum and the tide pools - discovering so many aspects of God's creation. 


ECJH 7th graders head to Catalina Island early in the school year to study marine science and ecology, build camaraderie, and generally have fun in the process. This three day trip has students sleeping in sturdy tents on the beach, hiking, kayaking, snorkeling and learning about God's creation. They will even dissect a squid and write with squid ink! This time with staff away from parents encourages the independent learning and responsibility required in junior high.


ECHS students have the opportunity at least once year to live out their faith in service at Ciudad de Refugio (City of Refuge) orphanage in Rosarito, Mexico. Just traveling through Baja to the orphanage opens students' eyes to the tremendous blessings we know at home. Staying at the orphanage, ECHS students will have many tasks to accomplish...laying block wall,  painting, setting tile for a sidewalk, leading a carnival for the children, digging post holes or simply weeding. But the most rewarding...and heartbreaking... part of the trip is the relationships built between ECHS teenagers and these beautiful orphaned children who do not even speak English, yet become friends and people we care deeply about before the end of the trip. With the glimpse of how God sees us, we are connected to these children.. and the world, and see our responsibility to be His workers in it.