At Eastside Christian High School, students have the opportunity to pursue academic challenges in a small class setting that allows them ample time to meet with teachers  for extra guidance, as well as to step up to lead in the application of their learning.  The staff at ECHS encourage a college-bound, academic school climate to prepare students for life after the small Christian school experience. But the rigors of these academics are always embedded in the truth of Scripture, in view of the universe designed by our Creator. In that, we know that we have the responsibility to nurture and challenge students socially and spiritually as well as improve their test scores. In all these areas, the mission of Eastside Christian High School is to provide an environment for all students to learn to lead, and lead to serve.



ECHS students meet or exceed UC A-G requirements upon graduation. All their courses are UC approved or pass the AP audit from College Board. Students may choose to take SAT prep math or English, and may choose up to ten AP courses in English, history, government, calculus, science, Spanish or art. Students who may need help with a subject have opportunities to work with the teacher after school, or be assigned a peer tutor for more consistent support.


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ECHS students learn quickly that their responsibility is care for each other and our community. Students learn to lead by supporting each other at events and helping with school activities, and raising money for an orphanage in Mexico. Then they lead to serve heading into  in small groups around our area, developing what they have learned to help the neighbors, log service hours each semester, and carry out a Senior Capstone project that brings all they have learned to meet a need they grown passionate about. 



ECHS students engage with faith in all their school experiences. Classes integrate Biblical principles and challenge students to contrast the concepts they are learning with the teaching of Scripture to discover truth. Students gather in collective worship and teaching in a weekly chapel where students may serve on the Chapel Committee (planning) or on the Worship Team.  Accountability in Core Groups give students a safe, ungraded place to share and pray.  Spiritual Emphasis Weeks and Retreats allow students to pursue and even deeper relationship experience with God. Beyond that, ECHS students are encouraged to participate in a missions trip before they graduate.