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School History

Eastside strives to provide a caring, supportive environment where students of all levels of academic performance can grow and be encouraged to have academic success, leadership and service opportunities, and faith-testing experiences. Though we do not require students who begin at our school to express their faith, we do ask them to commit to growing academically, socially, and spiritually while they are at Eastside. 

Eastside Christian School was founded in 1976 as a ministry of Eastside Christian Church. In 1999, after 23 years of operation as a department, Eastside Christian Schools self-incorporated to separate from the church and provide more opportunities for expansion. With this new freedom came the offer to take over Heritage Christian High School, while the younger students would remain on the church campus. 

In 2000, at the end of the high school’s first year on the Anaheim campus of Heritage High School, we were asked to find a new space. Grace Ministries International (GMI) had just purchased a 27-acre parcel of land in Fullerton. We joined the church in a 3-year campaign to convince the city of Fullerton to grant entitlement to the new tax-exempt property owners. Thus began the blessing of our relationship with GMI.  In the mean time, our school retreated to our founding church, Eastside Christian Church, who offered to suspend growth in their own ministry so that we could use the only space left available on campus to hold our high school classes. Sharing the core values of faith, service, education, and leadership; Eastside Christian Schools were united.

Finally moving in to the GMI property on November 12, 2003, Eastside's high school and junior program continued to grow and build a relationship with GMI.  In 2008, through the graciousness of GMI, we were able to relocate elementary to the GMI campus in a separate wing from the JH/HS program.