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Student Learning Outcomes

Students at Eastside Christian Schools will be community-minded believers (HEART) whose actions and interactions prove that they:
  • Show respect to self and others
  • Obey authority and follow rules
  • Practice self-discipline and cooperate with others and hold other accountable
  • Follow through on commitments
  • Strive to be responsible, ethical, productive, and informed citizens
  • Promote unity within individual and cultural differences
  • Demonstrate a sense of responsibility by serving at school, in the church, and in the community
  • Understand the qualities of good leadership and exercise them willingly
Students at ECS will be spiritual believers (SOUL) whose faith causes them to:
  • Show maturity
  • Share Christ with others
  • See the truth and wisdom of Scripture
  • Be good stewards of time, talents, and money
  • Portray a Christlike character in all their relationships
  • Demonstrate a passion for personal excellence and integrity in all areas of life and learning
Students at ECS will be scholarly believers (MIND) whose discipline leads them to:
  • Research, analyze, and apply information
  • Plan and follow through on goals
  • Speak, read, write, calculate, create, and listen through a variety of mediums and for a variety of audiences and purposes
  • Synthesize input from multiple sources to thing critically, logically, and decisively
  • Problem solve and make decisions with clarity, responsibility, and wisdom
  • Acquire skills and pursue the foundation necessary to be successful in a chosen career
  • Develop a life long love of learning
Students at ECS will be active believers (STRENGTH) whose practices prompt them to:
  • Achieve and maintain physical fitness
  • Establish awareness of health related life issues
  • Responsibly protect and nourish their bodies as God's temple
  • Show confidence and conviction
  • Use their gifts and talents to honor God